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What’s this about?

Hello. I’m Paul. ????

I’m a huge fan of email newsletters and I’m always looking for new ones to read.

But, apart from some blog post “lists” of newsletters, there wasn’t anything where it was all in one place.

So…. I rolled up my sleeves and built this monstrosity that I called Inbox Stash ????

Yeah, my coding skills are next to nothing and my ability to design sucks. Despite that, I still pulled this thing together.

I feel a tiny bit proud ????

“That’s great”, I hear you think, “but, what’s the point?”

Great question. I wish I had a sharp, to the point answer.

More than anything else, I made it for the fun and the challenge.

But, it’s a platform for anyone who’s got a newsletter they want the world to discover.

And it’s a place for email lovers to find new and interesting newsletters.

I think it has value to more people than just me. So I put it out there.

I hope you enjoy using it ????

By the way, Inbox Stash is on Twitter… @inboxstash and you can also follow me @pauldm

And if Twitter isn’t your thing and you want to say hello or give some (nice) feedback, feel free to email me

If you publish a newsletter and it’s not yet listed here, you can send me the details through the submit newsletter form.

Paul Metcalfe, Maker (can I call myself that?)

P.S. If you happen to be an entrepreneur building your own business, check out my newsletter Startup Resources

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