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Air Mail

A new digital weekly. News and culture at a civilized pace.

What's it about?

AIR MAIL was launched in 2019 as a lively digital weekly for the world citizen.

We sensed that there was an audience of readers who were both tired of overly earnest news publications and found the ceaseless churn of the daily news cycle predictable, unnerving, and, quite frankly, unmanageable. We also understood that this audience was a driving part of the world’s affluent intelligentsia—catholic in its tastes and curious about the world, not just the country they live in. How were we so sure? Because we counted ourselves among that group.

With that in mind, our editors—whose combined time working at Spy, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and other publications constitutes a number of years found only in paleontology—set out to provide readers with an amusing, sophisticated, and elegantly designed digital journal, delivered to in-boxes around the world every Saturday morning at 6:00.

The premise of AIR MAIL is simple: we supply you with articles on subjects both foreign and domestic—ranging from politics and the environment to art and literature, style and fashion, and high-end crime and beyond—by some of the world’s finest journalists. For the most part, these are stories you will not find anywhere else.

And in the spirit of presenting AIR MAIL readers with something more akin to a membership than a subscription, we continue to expand the scope of what we do.

We have also selected the best real and virtual events—in art, theater, music, and more—and created a one-of-a-kind international cultural search engine called the Arts Intel Report (AIR). We think that once you’ve tried it, you’ll find it indispensable.

Our aim is for AIR MAIL to unfold like the weekend edition of a great international daily—of the kind that doesn’t exist anymore. We understand it won’t be the only thing you read, but we do hope it will become one of your favorites.

Delivered weekly.
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