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Article Club

We read and discuss one great longform article every month.

What's it about?

We all love to read. But sometimes it’s hard to carve out time to read deeply. It’s also hard to find other thoughtful people to connect with about what we’ve read.

That’s what Article Club is for!

Article Club is a new experiment in community reading. Each month, we do a deep dive on one outstanding article, centering on topics of race, education, and culture. We read and annotate and discuss the article, along with the author.

Each month is broken up into four weeks:

Week 1: We choose whether to commit to that month’s discussion. If we’re in, we read and annotate the article.

Week 2: We share our first impressions and topics we want to explore. If we have questions for the author, we ask those, too.

Week 3: The author answers our questions on a podcast. Then we reflect on what we heard and if our thoughts have changed.

Week 4: We discuss the article together. We also reflect on how to make our club even better next month.

Delivered weekly.
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