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Bitcoin Operator

Building a crypto hedge fund in public – join us

What's it about?

Bitcoin Operator is a membership-based community of individuals who want to learn about Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto, and digital assets.

I work hard to provide value to our subscribers, as a member of the community you have access to a great library of content as well as everything Bitcoin Operator offers.

The Weekly Letter to Operators: The industry moves quickly and information is often not readily accessible. Thankfully, I spend hours a day synthesizing news, data, and in-depth content so you can spend your time doing more important things. In an attempt to share these learnings, I write a twice-weekly letter covering industry trends, my personal analysis of recent news, portfolio construction, and fund performance.

Fully transparent investing data: I’m focused on continuing to provide as much value as possible for our members. As a result, I decided to provide each of them with weekly updates on my investing performance, portfolio construction, allocations, and planned actions. My returns speak for themselves and Operators get the inside scoop on how I make that happen.

Ability to engage directly with me: reach out! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or reach out on social.

Delivered weekly.
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