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What's it about?

I am Vytautas Sabaliauskas tech enthusiast working in a team with an inner chimp to brainstorm new ideas for you.

So, understanding more what you will get, I will break it down in the idea validation process and what you will get.

Idea validation process
Only your own collected data maters. There is no need to talk to friends, experts about your idea. Only the market can say what it needs and who are interested in the idea.

Idea validation

Explain the idea in one sentence.
What issues are you solving?
Who is your customer?
How does your product improve their lives?
How will your product address these problems?
What types of industries do my potential customers work in?

Market validation

For market validation, I use google Trends/Reddit and other information sources.
For some ideas, we will go further and make ad validation.
Facebook ads let you target audience by interests, age, sex, and so on. I think it’s the best option for validating ideas and collecting real data.
Set your idea a goal —> XYZ -Atleast x% of Y will do Z.

What you will get?
All data gathered during testing – Idea content, market fit, and other useful data.

Delivered weekly.
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