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Critical Linking

Curated links on news, culture and more for interesting reading.

What's it about?

My name is Cary Littlejohn, and I’m a journalist and writer. I spend so much time online reading the work of those whose ranks I hope to join, staying up-to-date on the latest news and opinions, that I just want to share the best of what I see. Too often it happens in a random and piecemeal way— “Hey, have you seen the latest in The New Yorker?” or “Did you see go to the movies to see [fill in the blank] yet?”Critical Linking is a way for me to do that en masse, to remember what I’ve recommended, and to be a part of my favorite corner of the internet—email newsletters—in a more personal way.

The content will be as varied as my interests but curated with the eye of an editor. Areas of interest to expect: great writing of all sorts, in-depth news reporting, political commentary, TV and movie reviews, a can’t-miss YouTube video, occasional sports commentary, and any other random musings I might have.

Delivered weekly.
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