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Design Your Learning

1 new skill each week using self directed learning.

What's it about?

Design Your Learning exists to help people learn effectively and get better with crafting self-directed learning plans, a learning strategy that allows us to take charge of the learning process (diagnosing learning needs, identify learning goals, select learning strategies, and evaluate learning performances and outcomes). The sooner we get in the habit of self-directed learning in addition to our formal university courses, the better. What to Expect? Each week I will uncover 1 skill to learn, a simple curriculum with prompts to DIY based on your requirements, resources to soak it in, and ideas for real-life projects you can do to test your skills and prove your credibility. What Skills? Everything from sketching to decision making to product marketing. Both hard and soft skills with a focus on 3 areas: – Creating (using technology + art) – Improving (personal life + hobbies) – Promoting (ourselves + businesses)

Delivered weekly.
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