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Curated startup & business articles from different publications

What's it about?

Tom likes to read the latest news about startups & businesses from different online publications. Every morning Tom used to open the website of publication A. After going through that, Tom would open the websites of B, C, D & E. By the time he was finished, he would have already spent quite a lot of time on these. This happened because, honestly speaking, every publication had some number of click bait articles. Tom also tried a few aggregator apps but those were full of subpar news. As a result, Tom did not get the time to read the news of the other publications and of other categories. Tom then discovered EvrySource, a newsletter that curates the latest news from different publications in categories like Startups, Tech, Business, Crypto & New Products. EvrySource shares the headline and a short description and if you like to read the original article, you can find the link right there. EvrySource has been a real time saver for Tom. Tom now spends only a quarter of the time he used to spend earlier but receives double the information he used to receive earlier.

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