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Financial Independence News(letter)

Getting more women financially independence

What's it about?

Amanda Kellner Klein is not an expert in high finance. She is, among other things, personally obsessed with the Financial Independence (FI) movement, and is on an imperfect but committed path to building 25x her expenses in income-producing assets.

Prior to starting FI News, AKK has worked in luxury fashion + digital media for a decade in New York City – currently, she’s a bit of a nomad.

She doesn’t think serving women accessible financial independence resources will change the world on its own, but if we make FI information available to and interesting for women… it can’t hurt in taking action towards equity.

And, if a few more women break free from the paycheck cycle to do values-based work… well, she thinks we all may be better for it.

The one thing AKK is an expert at is researching. (Seriously.) If there’s a FI article, book or podcast, she has probably read, listened to or notated it — you can dig into her findings in the FI News(letter) and here on site, where we serve women the resources to reach financial independence.

Delivered weekly.
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