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Holistically Speaking

It's time to grow!

What's it about?

Productivity. Korean Skincare. Mechanical Keyboards. Time Management. Men’s Fashion. Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards. Remote Work Culture. Split Ergonomical Mechanical Keyboards. League of Legends. Why your granddad’s razor is much better than what you are using.

It’s hard to put a name on it – but these are (some) of my interests. I love discovering new trends, old wisdom, best practices and if a rabbit hole catches my interest, I’m all in.

Every two weeks, I’ll share with you what I think is worth your time. It might be about Learning Strategies, the disruption of the shoe industry by D2C or why you should wear sunscreen in winter.

I can’t tell you exactly what this is about. This is my approach to grow a bit every day. This is Holistically Speaking.

Welcome on board!

Delivered 2x per month.
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