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Intentional living through contemplation and productivity.

What's it about?

Human+ is a weekly newsletter that explores how to live intentionally through better thoughts and actions. Through succinct e-mails that anyone can understand, you can apply that week’s idea to your life immediately. This newsletter can serve as a perfect supplement to the lengthier self-help books that you read, or it can even stand on its own. I mainly discuss philosophical/abstract ideas and productivity habits that actually work.

I don’t claim to be a personal-development guru who’s hacked the human mind- I’m just someone who is passionate about becoming the best person that I can be and I want to share what I’ve done (and continue to do) to get there.

Overall, the idea is for me to share actionable habits or thoughts that you can use to become a better human. A Human+, if you will.

Delivered weekly.
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