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It’s Payne!

A video games weekly recap that helps you to stay updated and sane.

What's it about?

We live in a world filled with news sentenced to death.
We are flooded by empty news, rumors, guides about currently most played games, speculation on new software house purchasing, clues-that-are-not-clues of next announcement and releases, patch updates.Most of these news lose their relevance in a couple days, just the time to be denied or reassessed.
That’s why we need to slow down and bring back VIDEO GAMES at the heart of discussion. To do so we need to push down our news addiction and sacrifice our need for knowledge.

That’s why it’s Payne!
Payne is Max Payne, the DEA agent created by Remedy Entertainment, a symbol of video games rise. Max’s enemies used to yell “It’s Payne!” just before to be shot in bullet time by our favorite New York badass — yeah, he can shoot in bullet time, but you already know that.
So imagine this newsletter as a bullet fired to you in time lapse, and when you see that you can yell “It’s Payne!”.
Clear, isn’t it?

I promise you only the best and most relevant news.Just what really matters.Just what survives as time passes.No annoying spoilers.No aimless comparisons.No impossible rumors.No useless speculations.Only one weekly event, on Saturday. This is what you need to stay updated and sane.
And remember: bullets in time lapse are slower, but also more deadly.

Delivered weekly.
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