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K’s Tea

We compile the best interesting stories, news, and trends.

What's it about?

Who are we? Just a few like-minded women who love finding and getting lost in interesting stories, news, and trends. We’re not so much into headlines – we prefer the hidden gems. And count us out on politics – we care but that isn’t the focus for K’s Tea. From reality and global news, podcasts and TV reviews, and everything in between, there is an overload of niche media that requires you to compile news from too many sources. Let us spend hours digging so you don’t have to.

Each week we compile the best stories we find and add them into a newsletter with some added commentary and anecdotes for our subscribers to enjoy. We “spill the tea” every Thursday morning and when you sign up, you can select if you want to have the Tea delivered to you via email and/or text!

Delivered weekly.
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