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Market Curve

Weekly essays bridging the gap between science and marketing

What's it about?

Market Curve is unlike any other marketing newsletter. Each issue is painstaikingly written and goes deep into the heart of the consumer psyche.

You’ll find essays that go deep into the world of marketing from a consumer psychology and behavioral economics perspective. You’ll find real-world examples of how these principles pan out in real-life.

I believe modern marketing is sifting heavily towards data and analytics. As valuable as that perspective might be, understanding the consumer decision-making process offers a different vantage point.

Here is why such a narrative is important:

Consumers vary across multiple industries and have a different set of problems. The only common link? The way our brain perceives problems and looks for solutions.

From a first principles perspective, understanding mental processes makes sense. We have more in common with our descendants than we think.

The source of all problems and desires have a common pattern (so I think). I am on the journey to find that out.

The inspiration behind the essays is found from scouring pages and pages of research papers and academic studies and then finding real-life examples to how its application. It is truly a labor-intensive process but if you think this is valuable, then it means the world to me.
I’m by no means an expert – only passionately curious. I would like to share this journey with you if you allow me to occupy some space in your inbox. I promise to respect your time and privacy 🙂

Delivered weekly.
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