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A pseudo-serious newsletter exploring media innovation.

What's it about?

Hello, and welcome to the About page of my Substack. Are you reading this on your phone or your desktop? What were you doing before landing on this page? Do we know each other in real life? Just kidding, you don’t have to answer any of those questions! Thanks for being here. Let’s get down to business.

My name is Mark, and I’m an editor, journalist, and media entrepreneur currently writing about media and the creator economy for Business Insider.

I started Medialyte because I love thinking about how we can make better media companies, which sounds boring when I type it out. Yikes! Please keep reading.

That interest led naturally to Medialyte, a pseudo-serious newsletter that explores the innovators, innovations, and reasons for optimism in the media industry. It has been cited by Vox, Nieman Lab, Poynter, The Objective, Means of Creation, Simon Owen’s Tech and Media Newsletter, The Newstart Alliance, and The Content Technologist.

I send out one email a week, on Wednesday morning, some of which will be interviews with cool people in the industry.

If I had to describe Medialyte in one word, it would be: chill. So do with that what you will. Thanks!

Delivered 2x per month.
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