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Monday Marvels

Your weekly dose of positive news. Every Monday!

What's it about?

New year, new me – a phrase that you hear at the beginning of every year once the clock strikes midnight, and you kiss your significant other, chug down your fourth glass of prosecco, or as we have witnessed this year, staring into the abyss at how disastrous this year has been. The ‘C-word’, the ‘T-word’ (orange face, lives in a white house, often caught in the red… yeah, you get it…), and the ‘double C-word’ (I’ll help you here: climate change) are enough to send the most stoic among us into a spiral. However, all is not as bad it seems. You may call it my chirpy Irish optimism, but I maintain it’s merely the ability to log out of Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, etc, zoom out, and get some perspective. Some snippets from last year.

More people than ever have electricity.

Renewables are progressing at break-neck speed.

The scientific community worked at break-neck(and spine) speed to produce vaccines. #MarvelHeroes

Africa was declared free of wild polio.

Argentina legalised abortion.

And humans went to great efforts to help each other during times like this – nobody more than healthcare staff all over the world. They are our warriors and are a true symbol of the human spirit.

This newsletter is an attempt to fight against the juggernaut of 24/7 scary news – something that is usually bred in a chasm of clickbait titles and straight-up lies – and to give you a brighter view on the wee marvels in the world that are never reported.

Delivered weekly.
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