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A tech, media, and business focused—not limited, weekly newsletter.

What's it about?

iX Newsletter (previously known as Pulse) is a new media and tech-focused, but not limited — weekly newsletter. It hits your inbox every Sunday afternoon in the US, evening in Europe, and midnight in Asia.

Why subscribe?

it’s your weekly dose of tech, media & biz — without the noise.

Two simple reasons:

  1. You’re a busy person and don’t want to waste time figuring out what to read/watch/consume that is worth your attention. I do the curation, so you don’t have to.
  2. After many years of being involved in the tech/media industry — professionally, personally, and academically — I have a not-so-aligned-with-the-mainstream perspective you might like.

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Who am I?

Hi 👋 I’m Behrouz. A podcast binging stat sharing social media researcher & attention economist; an internet explorer & underdog supporter; always trying to improve shit — whilst doing a PhD in business & management at Alliance Manchester Business School.

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