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Politically Invisible Asians

The fastest-growing, yet politically invisible Asian-American

What's it about?

I’m a writer and third-year student at New York University, double majoring in Politics and East Asian Studies. My passion lies in Asian-American identity politics and I hope to challenge the monolithic view by introducing our often forgotten history and unraveling our multifaceted experiences. I am excited to learn more about my role in society as a first-generation Chinese-American woman. More importantly, I am intrigued by all that I embody, and the image that immediately pops into mind simply from the mere mention of my politicized identity. But, it is time we all challenge that vision of the monolithic Asian-American, and we must first acknowledge all of the stereotypes we internalize. But don’t worry, I will help you get there!

It is important to emphasize that I am, by no means, a representative for Asian-Americans as a whole, and my opinions are not to be regarded as speaking on behalf of my entire community. All I can do is be as inclusive as I can in my newsletter, and I plan on bringing on a diverse collective of Asian-American voices — from all 50 states and inclusive of all of the ethnic groups that fall under the Asian/Pacific Islander racial group.

Hopefully, we can be on the same journey to decolonizing our minds!

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