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Preferences by Johnny Louey | Friday Extra

A purveyor of recommended sites/webinars/events/and foodie lover!

What's it about?

Don’t forget to visit back here every Friday morning for my newsletter-style post called “Friday Extra” where I bring you other topics I am passionate about. It includes:

My foodie adventures (check out my Google Maps restaurant reviews), and foodie events around the great state of Florida.

Nostalgia: Hey, I grew up in South Florida (my favorite Facebook nostalgic page which I contribute) since the mid 70’s so there will be plenty to talk about. Over 80% of friends and family asked for a “Where are they now?” category (basically what has happened to the TV celebrities, music performers, and movie stars from the Generation X era).

Online/offline productivity webinars/events/apps/tools: In my initial survey to my friends and family, a big percentage of you have asked me to review productivity apps and review a variety of podcasts that revolves around business, health, lifestyle, and productivity.

Links: My favorite links I have found during the week relating to Florida, food, books, articles, health, faith, and productivity.

Delivered weekly.
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