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Weekly newsletter about all things product.

What's it about?

Hey everyone 👋🏽

I’m a founder, maker, and a product/design nerd. I enjoy building products I love and sharing them with my community. Since 2018, I’ve been on a fantastic journey, learning more than I imagined, meeting awesome friends, and building a rich network. I’ve also been privileged to make an impact on the world.

One big lesson I learned in 2020, is that building a community is just as important as shipping a product. So with Productivize, I’m taking a step further in my maker journey.

As a product-minded maker, I do lots of research on many product-related subjects like the onboarding hacks startups use; building frictionless designs; acquiring early adopters; UI/UX component design; and more. In that process, I also come across interesting product leaders and awesome products.

Productivize is entirely born out of that curiosity. It is a weekly newsletter where you get a chance to sharpen your product mind with the learnings I share. It’s packed with:

– 3 product champions you should follow.
– 3 product resources you should digest.
– 3 interesting products you should try.

Delivered weekly.
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