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Simple plant-based recipes, tips, tricks, new product alerts, ingredie

What's it about?

Do you know what vegans love to do? Talk about food!

So that’s totally what’s going to happen here.

Each newsletter will contain topics like simple plant-based recipes, tips, tricks, new product alerts, ingredient spotlights, reviews, and more.

This food-focused newsletter is for you if you:
* just love food
* have a tiny kitchen
* would like to eat healthier
* are new to the idea of meat-free meals
* are on a budget
* need help scaling down from a large kitchen to a small one

Keeping it simple but still tasty

Dealing with a small kitchen is important to mention because it means that the meals I make need to be pretty simple. In turn, everything I share in this newsletter will be easy to make using the minimum number of pots and pans possible.

All of the recipes will also be free from animal products, most will be whole-food plant-based with no added oil or refined sugars, and many will be gluten-free or have gluten-free options. This is how we eat at home.

It might sound limiting, but I promise there is so much you can do given those parameters.

You’ve got nothing to lose by signing up for the free newsletter and seeing what it’s all about! Free issues go out on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Issues for supporters go out roughly weekly.

Delivered weekly.
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