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The B Line

On the hunt for the next great wave of consumer mobility

What's it about?

The B Line is on a mission to surface the fundamentals and trends of the next wave of mobility. Our bi-monthly newsletter not only identifies new opportunities in transportation, but also uncovers the essentials of what it takes to conquer these opportunities.

There is a lot to know about the world of mobility and it can be overwhelming to both research and keep up to date with. The B Line delivers practical analysis on the basics you need to know about the space in real time as they develop. Our content includes deep-dives on the energy systems propelling vehicles today as well as in-depth (but easy to read!) reports that tackle the big questions like “When will we fly with jetpacks?” and “What ever happened to Zeppelins?”

Whether you’re an angel investor looking to get in on the next up-and-coming venture or a transit nerd just looking to brush up on the details of transportation, The B Line will deliver you an insightful (and entertaining) email you’ll certainly learn something new from.

Also every edition comes with an ultra-cool cubist-transit illustration, so the art alone is worth subscribing.

Delivered 2x per month.
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